Power trumps principle, ethics for Bloomberg and Koch

There is no question that for years, Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) brought home the bacon for New York.  And for that “service,” the way the game is played, one supposes Charlie is owed some favors from the hometown crowd.

But, in contrast, the unethical behavior of Rangel as a member of Congress is now beyond dispute.  In December of 2010, just after his last re-election, Rangel became the first House member censured in decades.  So, now what does a civic booster do about that?

Of course, if you are former New York Mayor Ed Koch or current New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, you endorse him, cite his procurement services for the people of New York (with our money, of course), and ignore completely those pesky ethics issues.

This is not how America was founded and built, gentleman.  Very disappointing.